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Monsgeek M6

Monsgeek M6

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BeaverKeys is an authorized vendor for Akko and Monsgeek products.

This is a DIY kit, it does not include switches or key caps.

The M6 is Monsgeek's first shot at the Arisu/Alice layout.

This layout provides a more ergonomic typing experience and because Monsgeek kept the bottom line of the case straight, you'll be able to use a regular wrist rest!

The M6 is QMK/VIA compatible.

From the Monsgeek website:

MonsGeek M6, a dream come true for keyboard enthusiasts!

This aluminum barebone kit boasts unique 65% alice-style layouts, setting it apart from traditional designs. Embrace ergonomic bliss as it alleviates strain and fatigue during extended typing sessions, making it the perfect choice for work, gaming, or general use, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency.

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