About BeaverKeys


Hi, I'm Peter 👋

My personal mechanical keyboard journey started around 2017. I started out with a "Das Keyboard 4C" and a Leopold and eventually started to build my own boards with kits from Keebio.

In 2019 I moved from Germany to Canada and due to the vast different in size between the two countries (and shipping cost haha) I learned the importance of having local options even for such things as online shopping.

The intent of my store is to provide products that deliver the highest possible value for a decent price, enabling folks to create great mechanical keyboard builds that don't break the bank.
All products you find on my store have been personally tested by me and I try giving you real world impressions of the products through my streams on twitch and my youtube channel.

If you have questions or ideas for me or just want to say hi just shoot me an email to info@beaverkeys.ca.

Keyboards I built so far:

  • Keebio Iris
  • Keebio Viterbi
  • Keebio Quefrency
  • Redox
  • Tofu65
  • Atreus62
  • MGA Standard (twice haha)
  • NK87 Entry Edition
  • Akko 5075S
  • Monsgeek MG75
  • QK65
  • Keychron Q1 Pro
  • Ergodox
  • Preonic
  • GMK67