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Monsgeek M1HE

Monsgeek M1HE

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BeaverKeys is an authorized vendor for Akko and Monsgeek products.

This is fully assembled keyboard. Switches and caps are included.

Take your gaming experience to the next level with the Monsgeek M1HE with magnetic switches.

Are you tired of hitting keys by accident in the heat of the battle, keeping you from clutching it out in the crucial moments?

Then the M1HE is for you! It lets you configure the actuation of each individual switch in 0.1mm increments.

I switched to magnetic switches for gaming myself and never looked back. The times of me actuating a key by accident went down to almost zero. Before I would actuate the wrong key by accident multiple times per session.

What are magnetic switches?

Magnetic switches leverage the Hall Effect which enables the board to receive a more nuanced signal in contrast to the binary signal a regular switch would be able to send.

In other words - a magnetic switch can tell the board how much it has been pressed with an incredible resolution of 0.1mm!


Note: The M1 HE is not compatible with QMK/VIA, please perform the customizations through the MonsGeek Driver.

It is compatible with regular 3-pin mechanical switches.

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