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KTT Sea Salt Lemon

KTT Sea Salt Lemon

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Our switches are sold in packs starting with 10 switches per pack up to 105 switches per pack. The biggest pack has the best price per switch.

Switch Specs



Actuation / Bottom Out Force

45g / 53g

Factory Lubed




Actuation / Travel

2mm / 4mm
Materials PA66 housing / POM stem


The KTT Sea Salt Lemon mechanical keyboard switch is a high-quality linear switch with an actuation force of 45g. It provides a smooth and consistent keystroke, making it ideal for gamers who prefer fast actuation. It is also a great for typists because the low actuation force reduces typing fatique. The switch features a durable PA66 housing, a POM stem and a gold-plated contact leaf.

Overall, the KTT Sea Salt Lemon mechanical keyboard switch is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a premium linear switch with exceptional performance, durability, and a smooth, consistent typing experience.

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