* new variant of the HMX Xinhais (heavier spring) now in stock!


New mice have dropped!

* restock: Keychron M6 (black & white)

* new addition: Keychron M1 (black & white)

* new addition: Keychron M3 mini 4k Magnesium Alloy Edition


New Stock and Restocks!

* restock: Gateron Oil King

* restock: Keychron V1 Max

* new addition: Keychron V2 Max

* new addition: Keychron V5 Max

* new addition: Akko Sakura Jelly

* new addition: Akko Cream

* new addition: Akko Olivia-like

* new addition: Akko Fairy Silent

* new addition: Monsgeek ICE75


New Durock Stock & HMX Xinhai Restock

* restock: HMX Xinhai

* new addition: Durock Ice King Linear

* new addition: Durock Ice King Tactile

* new addition: Durock V3 Clip-in Stabilizers


Fresh KTT Stock!

* restock: KTT Kang White V3

* restock: KTT Strawberry

* new addition: KTT Vanilla Ice Cream


Switch openers have sold out which also means that the switch lubing kits won't be available until switch openers are restocked (new supply is on the way).


Happy 2024 everyone!

Here are a couple of stock updates:

* KTT Kang White and Strawberry basically out of stock, new shipment is on the way

* M1, M1W, M1HE are all out of stock and I'm working on getting more, no update on availability yet

* new products on the way: KTT Vanilla, Sillyworks Hyacinth V2 and V2U

* Monsgeek ICE75 series on the way (all colors)



Hey Folks!

I wanted to provide a long overdue update for the store so here it is!

As some of you may have noticed, a couple of items are currently out of stock:

* Monsgeek M1HE - out of stock, no estimate when it will be back
* Monsgeek M1 (black) - restocking very soon
* Monsgeek M1W - out of stock, no estimate when it will be back

On the bright side, there is fresh stock already available or incoming for the following items:

* Monsgeek M3W - all colors will be stocked, arriving very soon
* Monsgeek M2 (black) - restock - arriving very soon
* Akko Piano Pro Switches - arriving very soon
* HC Studio Xinhai - already in stock
* HC Studio Roselle - already in stock
* Durock White Lotus - already in stock
* JWK Black Linear (additional 58.5g variant) - already in stock
* Krytox XHT-BDZ - just arrived, going online very soon
* Gateron Oil Kings - arriving very soon
* Numerous Keychron products - arriving very soon and more news on that later :)



Fulfillment schedule is back to normal!

Lubing and assembly services have been re-enabled on the store.

Lots of new products:

Some not so great news:

Unfortunately I had to remove the untracked lettermail option for US-based customers. Some of my mailers have been returned to me because they got rejected by the postal company :(


Important Update on the Fulfillment Schedule

The fulfillment schedule will be changing temporarily to a once-per-week schedule starting from October 4, 2023 until October 20, 2023.

That means for the that time period the fulfillment days will be:

  • October 6
  • October 13
  • October 21

Normal operations will resume on October 21.

Also lubing and assembly services won't be available for that time period.

Sorry for the inconvenience, exciting things to come once everything is back to normal again =)



Unexpectedly sold out of GPL 205g0, more is on the way.


Fixed an issue that prevented buyers from the United States to purchase keyboard DIY kits.


Akko 5075s VIA Moonlight White now in stock!


Fixed an issue where the store would overcharge on shipping for a cart that had switches and lubricant in it.